This write up is courtesy of a good online friend from the past @KadinLite and it is published on my site with his permission.  

I stand naked in my bedroom in front of the three-way full length mirror. As I start to admire my body, my eyes fleetingly fall on the tightly drawn shut…

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PART ONE: Delivery for Kadin

Published: September 9th, 2018

This write up is courtesy of a good online friend from the past @KadinLite and it is published on my site with his permission.  

I stand naked in my bedroom in front of the three-way full length mirror. As I start to admire my body, my eyes fleetingly fall on the tightly drawn shut curtains behind me reflected in the mirror. Privacy matters… I didn’t want anyone to know my dark naughty secrets!

As my eyes wander up and down my body, I remind myself to get much more stricter with the exercise and dieting. I’m not a huge guy, but I do tend to look pregnant these days when I’m wearing dresses. That needs to change. I’m not totally happy about how I look!

Dresses? Yeah, dresses. That’s my secret… I’ve been a secret crossdresser since my early teens. Back then I’d sneak into my sister’s bedroom while no one else was at home and secretly try on her clothes. Wearing her clothes made me happy, not that I’d ever admit to that publicly! I’d always be careful to put her clothes away afterwards exactly as I’d found them! Boys clothes were all boring in comparison!

Opportunities to crossdress became much easier once I went to university. By then I had a little bit of money to spend on women’s clothes and secondhand shops were a brilliant place to find nice, affordable clothes, especially on a student budget. By the time that I’d started my third year, I’d moved out of the university halls of residence and into lodgings. My landlady for some reason hadn’t bothered to clear out the wardrobe of the previous lodger and so that task fell on me to do and that was a blessing! The previous lodger had been a woman and for some reason she’d left behind a load of her old clothes. Maybe she just had too many to take back home, maybe they just didn’t fit her any more. Who knows! But they were a gift to me and best of all, they fitted me perfectly! Some of them were even club wear and a little on the slutty side! Result!

That was of course many years ago and I’m in my mid 40s now, and yet as I stood there naked in front of the mirror, wearing nothing more than a pink long haired woman’s wig, the memories of those slutty clothes from that unknown young woman brought a happy smile to my face.

Although I am a crossdresser, I wasn’t a gay man by any of the usual definitions. After all I loved women! I adored their company, I loved having sex with them and watching lesbian porn. I’d even spent a considerable amount of money on escorts over the years! My cock often stood to attention when seeing attractive women around town. I was definitely a straight guy, just one who loved to wear lingerie and dresses! However it took me a while to realise that I was also slowly becoming bi-curious. The more I crossdressed, the more I fantasised about being a REAL girl and being with other men. And the more submissive I become too. I even bought myself a couple of spanking paddles to use on myself as I discovered BDSM.

My bi-curious fantasies only got stronger as time went on. I started to mentally undress many of my male friends when I saw them and dreamt about having sex with them. Whenever I watched porn, I imagined being the girl being fucked by the guys. I even fantasised about being a crossdressing escort and having men pay me for all kinds of sexual services! That escort fantasy was a particular favourite! It still is! I also seriously looked into the possibility of being a crossdressing ‘Web Cam’ girl on the Chaturbate video sex chat website!

But for the most part, it was just a fantasy… I was never going to be a submissive slut for real, was I?!

I move away from the mirror and start getting stuff ready for my bath. I’d been looking forward to soaking in the bath all day, but I’d dare not have one. I’d been expecting a major delivery today of various computer components as I was building a new computer for myself to replace my old faulty desktop and it was always going to be Sod’s Law that the delivery would come the moment I was naked and soaking! But it was almost 8:15pm on a Friday night now and I doubted that they would be delivered at this time. The whole day had been a waste. As I slip into my pink bathrobe I tell myself that they’ll come on Monday now and so much for Next Day delivery!

Just then the door bell rings downstairs and surprises me. I run down stairs and look through the security peep hole. It’s the delivery man! He’s late but my stuff is here finally and I’m over the moon!

I open the door and greet him. He’s a tall, young white man, early to mid 20s at the most, and very much the stud! Taller than me and considerably younger!

“Are you Kadin?” he asks still looking down at the parcel scanner in his hand.

As I reply with a 'Yes’, he finally looks up at me… He then eyes me up and down and sniggers openly… I realise too late that I’m still wearing a pink woman’s wig and bathrobe! So much for keeping it a secret! I pretend that I didn’t notice the snigger or his attitude and sign for all the packages. There are quite a few of them and some are heavy, so I ask him if he would be kind enough to help me carry them into the living room.

Once the last box is in the living room, I turn to thank him and show him the door. It’s finally time for my bath! However he walks around the room as if he owns it and sits himself down on one of the sofas and looks at me quietly. I don’t know what to say to him. I want him to leave, but there’s just something about his attitude and behaviour that just silences me with just one look from him!

“So is this just a one off thing or do you crossdress often?” he asks me.

“Fairly regularly” I reply back without any hesitation, surprising myself. “I’m usually a 'woman’ when I’m at home.

My mind is racing! It feels good to finally tell someone that I’m a crossdresser. Like a weight that’s been lifted off of me. I just never expected to come out to an unknown delivery man on a Friday night!

"I want to see you crossdressed.” he tells me. “Your bedroom is upstairs I assume?” he asks as he walks past me not waiting for an answer and goes upstairs. Becoming strangely obedient, I follow him.

I’ve never had an unknown man in bedroom before… until now. It’s the one place in my home that very few get to see. I look at him as he looks around my room and grins. It’s a very pink room! Walls, curtains, carpet, bedspread… All different shades of pink! Very girly! Scattered around the room are various items of clothing, a mix of male and female items.

He picks up a pair of my worn knickers off of my bed and tosses them to one side before sitting down on it.

“Take off your bathrobe” he commands. I obey silently. I toss the bathrobe to the other corner of the room. He waves his hand ordering me to come closer and stand in front of him.

He grabs me by the balls and starts to firmly squeeze them.

“Are you gay?” he asks looking up at me.

I find it difficult to answer immediately, breathing deeply,  but I manage to shake my head to indicate a 'No’.

I can feel my heart pumping.

“If you’re not gay, why has your cock hardened in my grip? Are you sure you’re not gay? He laughs at me, still holding on to my balls.

I close my eyes. It feels so good having my balls squeezed by him. I open my eyes and look down at him. I tell him the truth, that I’m straight, but bi-curious and that my crossdressing only encourages my bi-curious fantasies.

"So you’ve never sucked a cock before then?” he asks. I shake my head again to indicate a 'No’.

He let’s go of my balls and looks at my hard cock and laughs. Even fully erect, I’m on the small side.

“That’s a fucking tiny cock you’ve got there.” he states. “No wonder you want to be a woman! No REAL man would have a tiny cock like yours!”

The delivery man was clearly trying to insult me to make me feel humiliated, but in reality he was having the opposite affect! I’d always known that I had a small cock, and it didn’t bother me at all. In fact I’d secretly come to appreciate having a small one because it made wearing knickers and other women’s clothes so much more comfortable! But I didn’t tell the man in front of me that! I was keeping that secret to myself.

I watch him as he gets up and opens my wardrobe. He flicks through various outfits and then takes out a slutty black dress. It had been a while since I’d worn that one. It barely covered the tops of my thighs! It certainly wasn’t a dress for sitting down in polite company with!

“Put this on!” he commands. I obey.

He watches intently as I slip into the dress. He circles me, eyeing me up and down once I’m in the dress. I definitely feel cheap. He grabs me by the arse and gives it a good squeeze. He slaps it hard! It stings. But it’s a pleasant sensation. It feels good!

He picks out a few more dresses and commands me to wear them in turn. I’m enjoying modelling them for him and being groped at the same time!

“You know that you’re a little on the fat side, don’t you?” he tells me, trying to humiliate me again. This time he succeeds. I’m well aware of my current figure and I am dieting! He laughs knowing that he’s hit a sore spot. He can see it in my face.

He sits back down on my bed and orders me to strip naked again. I obey.

He beckons me over and orders me to kneel in front of him. He’s grinning widely. It’s obvious what’s coming next…

“Never sucked a cock before, eh?” He laughs down at me. “Well that’s going to change right now. Can’t have you not knowing how to suck cock! There’s a first time for everything and tonight it’s your first time to suck cock… my cock!”

He orders me to take his cock out. Once again I obey, a little nervously. It was going to happen and I knew that there was no going back now.

I unzip his jeans, gently easing his cock from his boxers. It’s already semi hard. As I hold it in my hand, it throbs and I find myself jerking it up and down. Within moments it’s rock hard and I look up at him…

“Well what are you waiting for? Suck it! You’re going to suck me off until I cum and swallow it! I’m not going to see my cum wasted!”

I move closer to him, my mouth just above his cock, the ideal position! His cock continues to twitch  and throb in my hand. It’s a big cock too, at least a good eight inches  and very thick. It’s easily twice the size of my measly four inches. No  wonder he’d laughed at my cock and told me that I wasn’t a REAL man!

I  open my mouth and swallow his cock, going up and down on it. It’s  already stretching my mouth. Weirdly enough, I’m not shocked at all.  I’ve dreamt about having a cock in my mouth often enough! It tastes and  smells okay and I appreciate that. I continue the up and down motion  that I’d seen so often in porn.

I must be doing  something right as he let out a small moan. This gives me confidence to  be more free and experiment. I start to imitate how the girls in porn  suck cocks… I start to play with his balls… I flip between full up and  down motions and just sucking the cock-head. I use my hand to wank the  base of his cock. I even lick his cock up and down. I’ve started to  enjoy myself and I let myself go with the flow. Why did I wait so long  to suck cock I ask myself?! Suddenly I feel both his hands grabbing the  sides of my head as he starts thrusting his cock in and out of my mouth…  I realise that he’s mouth-fucking me! It’s rough and I’m starting to  gag! All I can do is just go with it! He doesn’t slow down. After a  while of this he pushes my head right down on his cock. He’s cumming in  my mouth. There’s nothing I can do as he’s holding my head down hard! I  can barely gag! He pauses and takes his cock out. I breathe deeply! He  laughs down at me.

“Like that, did you?” he says to me  grinning. “Make sure you swallow every drop that’s in your mouth! My cum  is a gift not to be wasted!” I obey. Cum isn’t so bad I am finding!

He  sticks his cock back in my mouth and orders me to suck him dry as  there’s still some cum oozing out. I go back to the gentle cock-sucking  motions of earlier and there’s no rush to stop. The minutes tick by.  We’re both enjoying it!

Suddenly he pulls his cock out  of my mouth and slaps it around my face a few times and laughs. I don’t  say anything. I don’t really know what to say! I just sit there on my  knees in front of him, my hands now on his thighs, and look up at him…He  stands up and pushes me away… “You’re not a bad cocksucker for a first  timer. I’m impressed that you swallowed my load without spilling a  drop!” he tells me as he tucks his cock away and zips himself up.  “You’ve still got a lot to learn though about how to suck cocks  properly.”

He looks down at me on the floor and laughs  again. “You’ve definitely got potential! Make sure that you’re home  tomorrow afternoon. If you’ve got any weekend plans, cancel them,  including those for the foreseeable future too. Be ready by 12noon  tomorrow, I’ll be sending my girlfriend and a few of the guys around.  She’s going to start your training… you’re going to learn how to fuck  men properly. Once she’s finished with you, you’re going to know by  second nature how to satisfy REAL men like me and my mates. You want to  know how to be a woman? She’ll teach you! Make sure that you’re dressed  all pretty for her!

He picks up his coat and gets ready  to leave the bedroom. He pauses by the door and looks at me one last  time and grins. "We’re going to have a lot of fun with you! Our friends  are going to enjoy fucking you, especially once you’re fully trained!  We’re going to make a lot of money out of you by renting you. You’ll  enjoy that, won’t you?”

I nod my head firmly to show my eagerness to please him.

And  with those final words he leaves my bedroom. Moments later I hear the  front door downstairs slam shut. I get off the floor and make my way to  the window.

I discreetly part the curtains and look out  of the window as the delivery man drives off. He’s gone. It then hits me  that I hadn’t even asked him his name and he hadn’t mentioned it  either! I’d let a total stranger… an arrogant, rude, dominating young  man, into my home. I’d let him grope me freely and I’d sucked his cock  and swallowed his cum, no questions asked! I was shocked at how  willingly I had let him use me like that and how much I had actually  enjoyed it too! I was his Bitch now. There was no doubt about that. He  'owned’ me!

I could still taste his cum in my mouth and  smell his body aroma in the air. I started to grin as I realised what  tomorrow afternoon would bring… I was going to be trained on how to  sexually satisfy REAL men like him. I was finally becoming the  submissive slut that I’d often dreamed about being all these years!

I  looked at the clock, nearly 9:30pm. It had been just over an hour since  the delivery man had entered my life. That hour had passed by so fast!  Screw the bath I told myself as I turned off the bedroom light and  collapsed on my bed slowly wanking.

As I continued to  wank with my eyes closed I felt my cock and balls explode… I repeatedly  scooped up as much of my cum as I could in my hands and swallowed it  quickly and then licked my hands clean. Men’s cum was delicious, I’d  finally realised that, and I knew now that I had a craving for it! If  only there was a way that I could suck my own cock…

I fell asleep used and happy… and excited for tomorrow! 😊