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A MAN’S dream come true…. and that man is YOU!!!

It’s time to take your thoughts, and make them into YOUR REALITY. And if you are not 100% satisfied…then you may spank me, so that I know better in the future…

Melissa xxx

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For a limited but always growing list of my services (I do like to experiment and try new things!), please check here

I will give you MY undivided attention. So I can pose as your friend, your date, your companion, your work colleague, your passionate lover, or whatever your imagination can dream up… nobody ever needs to know unless if you tell them!

One type of gent I really appreciate, are those who may consider themselves shy or feel nervous. One of my special talents is making you feel at ease.I will follow your pace, leaving you with a big smile on your face. This will give you a memorable experience that you will definitely look forward to repeating!

I am a great kisser and even more so a teaser (so they say) and my oral skills will leave you speechless! I love to give (and receive!) a long sensual massage, in particular - body to body, and I also know how to use my hands and…feet for you feet lovers.

I am the perfect travel companion with many ideas on how to spend time together!

By no means am I a chauffeur or taxi driver LOL, but…just imagine the scene.

A sexy young lady will be driving you around (should you request that) in a luxury car. Leather heated seats wrap your body to keep you comfortable. Sensual relaxing music stimulates your senses… And you know that on your arrival to your perfect destination, she will personally look after you and relieve you of your naughty thoughts!