The One and Only
Melissa Honey

Current Location: Stockport

Call Me: 075 3243 5 893


  • How do I contact you?

    Please email me with your request and tell me a little about yourself, i.e. age, background or whatever else you feel is relevant to our meeting. This way I will get an idea about who you are!

    Only then you may ring me, as it is always good for both of us to have audible contact beforehand.

    Please do not withhold your mobile number, as I will not be able to answer blocked callers. I would rather NOT discuss any of my services on the phone; it will be just a friendly introductory chat to “break the ice”.

    If I can’t answer the phone, it is because I am busy at work, working out in the gym, or I am driving around; so bear with me…In any case, I will get back to you within 24 hrs or sooner.

  • How do I make a booking?

    After we speak over the phone, please book via the adultwork booking system, should you wish to benefit from the preferential rates stated on my adultwork profile.

  • Can I book on the same day?

    I would prefer a 48-72 hrs notice, but all depends on the first contact via email. I may be available

  • Do I have to pay a deposit?

    Ideally yes, for longer bookings £30.

  • What if I have to cancel?

    Please let me know as soon as possible so that a more convenient date may be re-scheduled.

  • Can I send you an SMS?

    Prior to speaking with you on the phone or you making a booking, I do not answer SMSs as an initial contact.

  • Would you do BB?

    Sorry, this is an absolute no no. I value my health as well as yours!

  • Do you use toys?

    Not usually, as I prefer the real thing. I am open to suggestions though, and I do like to experiment with NEW adventures, so don’t be afraid to ask!

  • Would you discount your rates?

    For guests who use to book, then you may benefit from slightly lower rates ;-) If you have not register there before and have 0 feedback, then I will require a deposit of £30.

  • How far would you travel?

    At no additional cost I will travel anywhere in mainland UK for appointments of 2 hrs or longer. For shorter appointments, a travel fee of £30 will apply for a distance over 50 miles from my base.

  • Do you have a minimum appointment time requirement?

    The ideal length of appointment is between 2-3 hrs should you wish to benefit from everything on my “enjoys” list. My service is unrushed and individually tailored to your needs.

    I can offer you 1 hr meetings, but then you will need to prioritize your needs. A 30 minute appointment may be a possibility at my discretion, but the full hourly fee may apply.

    Under no circumstances, now or in the future, shall I offer appointments that are 20 minutes or less.

  • Are all your likes guaranteed?

    YES! Provided you are clean and smell nice and of course we click! Please make sure you have a sparkling clean mouth and teeth hygiene and that you are clean shaved (or waxed…if you prefer) down there… I like stubble on your face though ;-)

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Hello guys!

Mélissa means honey bee in Greek …so I’m sweet like honey and as hard working as a little honey bee! I have an accent of my own which many find warm and sensual, and I can converse with you in English, Greek or French!

Just take your time to go through the pages of my site. For any queries, please contact me via email and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

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