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Two years already...


Lady Melissa was sat in the lounge by the window. It was a raining day and she was looking at the droplets falling on the leaves of the trees. It is one of those days, where time stops and we contemplate: what we used to be, what we have achieved so far and where we want to go.

1st August 2016. A txt message arrived. It is from her beloved sweetheart that they had been together for three years… “I have been hiding from you something for sometime. The reason why I went to **** was for my wedding”. Just like that…a plain, cold txt message that was not even properly written in english… essentially to say goodbye.
She was heart-broken, but that did not matter any more.
She had told him about her past “life” as adult entertainer and that she had stopped it few years before. But so what…if he did not want to stay with her because of that, he should have left at least 2 years before, rather than wait now!
Only one thought on her mind: reactivate her previous sexy self! And become even better, healthier, sexier: an example for all! So that women would like to be like her (and some with her) and men would like to be with her (and some like her)!

It was not easy. A long, difficult, lonely sometimes road; she had to climb, go through tight and blind bends, but she made it.
It is still not easy. A lot of work to do, but she is on the right direction, with the right people. An inspiration? Maybe…for some… bitter smile

The telephone rang and woke her up from her rather painful (still some times…) day dreaming. It was one of her favourite regulars smile Her face was lit. They had arranged to meet for a long weekend and he was on his way to pick her up!
What a great way to celebrate this 2-year “anniversary”: A proper night dreaming was on the cards cheeky smile


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