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The Transporter and the Lady of the Night


Bluey was sat contemplating…He would have never thought of it beforehand. He, the famous Transporter, hired to transport all sort of goods that nobody else would take: no names, no questions asked; yes he was used to action, but not of that sort. This time he had broken ALL his rules: it was a favor to a friend and he already kind of knew what the “package” was…she(!) was actually sat next to him, in his arms and he was trying to console her from her tears…In a way he was glad he accepted the task. Not because he had a rather well known Lady of the Night in his arms (he did like the idea!), but because he saved a girl from 3 dangerous mugs. It was supposed to be an easy job: chauffeur her to the venue for an adult party and wait for her. But he just didn’t like something when they arrived there…maybe just his gut feel…he was right. She was pulled by her hair by one, whilst another one was trying to undress her and take her bag and the third one opening the door to a dirty building. He acted fast: kidney punched one guy whilst straight kicking the other one at his balls and elbowed on the face the third one. He quickly took Melissa in his arms and ran to his getaway car.

Now everything was fine. She was safe in his arms, calm; he was stroking her hair gently.
Melissa turned her eyes to him: “Thank you for saving me”
“That’s fine sweetheart” he replied, “They deserved it. I did my job”
“Actually I liked they way you kicked their arses. I don’t know what would have happened if you were not there…” she said with a sigh of relief
He did not answer. He had some idea, but preferred to keep quiet…

He looked at her…again…she was a beautiful girl with green-brown eyes, age..? You can’t really tell their age, can you…he thought..smiling…but who cares….she was there and smiling to him as well.
“You are a nice guy after all. And I like your smile…and these arms and legs…” she said. She started gently caressing his arms and hold his hands. Bluey knew again what was coming…something rather more pleasant than earlier on.

Before they knew, they were kissing each other passionately on the couch, caressing all over and squeezing each other. The party had started! Clothes ripped, they rolled over to the floor and Bluey started moving his tongue from top to toes…kissing her lips and gentle biting and with attention to boobs and licking around the nipples then down along the belly in between the magic lips and sucking them and diving in with his naughty tongue. She loved it and was moaning of pleasure. Then she stood up and pushed him to the armchair and rode him. She kissed him again and deep, tongue to tongue playfully teasing him…heading south to his other gun…he was in heaven! The party was well on! She started from the top teasing the tip and then licking along the sides of it; it was hot and throbbing and ready to burst, but no…not yet…there was more to come!
She rode him again, this time well and deep and hard…he loved it and started moving holding her from the bum and spanking her at the same time…Cow girl, reverse cow girl, on the floor, on the desk, on the couch, missionary….name it…they were only thinking (were they…really??) of fucking and fucking hard this time…
Bluey fired his gun in the end and Melissa took a cumload in her mouth, which she snowballed back to him…licking his lips and with her tongue….again!

Bluey was really pleased for having accepted this task…he certainly was not expecting that sort of transportation :-)


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