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Melissa was a bit sad…Christmas was coming. It was supposed to be a family celebration, but no, not this time. Her parents could not make it, so she decided to stay on her own. She was sat in the lounge of the new house. Not sure what caught her and she arranged to meet the builder, who would build a big garage, on Christmas Eve…
It was 6pm nearly time, so she went outside to see if he’s coming, as he was a bit late…The next minute she heard the roar of a V8 and a flashy car getting on her drive with the driver opening the window and smiling to her with a cheeky smile. She wouldn’t believe in her eyes: she knew the car, as she had noticed it before and…It. Is. His car!!! She started to jump up and down like a kid: she was that excited! He smiled when he saw her acting like that. He, himself, was pretty good-looking at his late forties she thought.
The next 2 hrs went by quickly, as he looked around the house and got an idea of what was needed and what could be done. Then they also talked about cars…and other a bit more personal things…her ex- his ex- …the friend who introduced him to her must have “warned” him of what she’s like!
“Well, I can talk for ever, as I am free and nobody is waiting for me, but I am sure family are waiting for you” she told him. In reality she wanted to fish info if he was single or not…rolls eyes
“Don’t worry, I am very much available as well…” he replied “no wife..divorced, she left me and kids grown up. I can listen to you all night!” he was quick to reveal with a sparkle in his eyes

It seemed it was a mutual…soon to be…naked attraction…She did want to kiss him and maybe more. She smiled thinking of this.

“What are you thinking of?” he asked
“Come here; let’s have a drink” and she put her arm to him
“But I am driving…”
“You can listen to me all night, you said, remember?” she laughed and started walking towards the kitchen

It was a move unexpected or maybe expected? He grabbed her from the shoulder and took her in his arms. As he turned her towards him, their faces came close to each other and their eyes met. It was a long and passionate kiss, when time stops and earth stood still. She caressed his face gently, passing her fingertips through his hair and her boobs rubbing on his chest and at the same time she wrapped one leg around his hips. There was no escape. For both of them. And they did not want to escape.
He squeezed her in his arms; she could just breath, but the feeling was great. He kissed her again…lips, on her neck, behind the ear. She started teasing him, passing her tongue over his lips slowly, sensually, deeply…He loved this. She could feel his throbbing bulge on her other thigh just get the picture still clothes on…

Then they started to undress…slowly..NO NO NO…before they knew, her jumper was on the floor with her bra, trousers and knickers, same as his jacket, shirt, trousers and boxers. Would not remember who started first and how this happened…but they were rolling on the brand new wooden floor of the house, wrapped each other kissing and touching everywhere frenetically.

She was comfortably lying on the floor; he started to kiss and lick her from the top to her toes…the fridge was nearby and he quickly took an ice cube. Ice cube around her areola whilst he was sucking her nipples and teasing the edge with the tip of his tongue. He went further down…across the belly button and below…the top of her perfectly trimmed brazilian “coiffure” and then…the ice was melting and droplets flowing on the skin…He spread her legs and starting “eating” her, as if it would be his last time…He pushed her clit with his tongue and squeezed her labia with his lips gently biting the edges. Melissa was excited and wet…she wanted more and was moaning from pleasure. He carried on like this for a while. She must have cummed a few times(!)
He was rock hard. A BWC. She took him in her palm..would not fit in… more than twice the length of her hand and thick. Just like she likes it. And his balls…smooth and more than a handful…rather a mouthful! She got him in her mouth, squeezed his balls with one hand and spanked his bum with the other. His roaring sounded to her louder than his car’s…She carried on for a bit and then licked his balls with the tip of her tongue.

He was ready. They were both ready. For a good long lasting fuck. They started on the floor as she jumped to ride him as cow girl and before she knew, he was up holding her tightly against the wall with deep thrusts…and then back on the floor doggy style
It would have been a couple of hours more before they finished round 1 and it all felt as they have known each other for years…

“Babe, will you be my sugar baby?” he whispered in her ear
Melissa smiled meaningfully and kissed him…they both rolled on the floor again…

Merry Christmas and happy new year x


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