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The mechanic's dream!


Melissa stopped the car outside the garage of her trusted mecanic. She had always fancied him, but hey ho….she would not even dream of doing anything unprofessional (lol), as she also loved her cars…that he has been looking after…
But this time, it was different. She was coming back from a naughty BGB shoot and she was still horny as hell…but the car…stalled.
“Hey, Darius, darling, are you here?” she shouts… “One of my boys is not behaving…”

A handsome well-built young man with a cheeky smile runs to her. “Hey Mel, what did you do to him again?” Darius knew that Melissa likes to treat her cars like her men…And he did fancy her, a sexy good-looking blonde, with a taste for fast cars and drives like a nutter…He would not like to miss their car chats though in the case of… “Did you burn the clutch..or the brakes? Let me have a look. Release the bonnet please hun”
Melissa did so and jumped out of the car. A pair of high heels and a short skirt appeared…Darius noticed, but tried to pretend that he did not see, whilst trying to pull the lever of the bonnet…Melissa was quick to detect his split second of hesitation and sprinted(!) next to him to help with the bonnet lever…what with these long nails? LOL

So, as she bents over the bonnet, her skirt goes up revealing her bum…commando! Darius does not know where to put his hand, as he’s trying to help her with the bonnet lever…still…As he moves closer to her, she can feel his big bulge against her naked bum cheeks. He apologised, but she likes it and she takes his palms to grab her bum… He takes her hand and places it on his throbbing bulge.
He can’t take it any more. He lifts her, puts her on the bonnet of the car, rips her skirt off, spreads her legs and, hungry, he starts eating her pussy as if it is his last meal. Melissa moans from pleasure and he carries on…sucks on her clit…and he carries on and on and on..until Melissa gets on her knees, unzips his pants and takes his BBC in her mouth and then licks his balls. Darius breaths heavily and sticks his cock in her mouth again and face fucks her…fast and furious! “Oh, babes, I knew you would drive me…mad!” he sighs…
He continues and she gently rubs her teeth and tongue around his cock…He’s about to explode…so he picks her up and quickly slides his cock in her pussy and fucks her as deep and as fast as he can.
“Dirty bitchy slut! You like it hard? Eh? I’m riding you now…”
“Yes, yes, yes! More…!”

And then he bents her over the hood of the car and fucks her even harder. He spanks her bum and pulls her hair. Melissa loves it…and more! He’s almost ready to explode: he gets her on her knees again and sticks his BBC in her mouth, holds her from the head and hair and repeats a faster and more furious (lol) face fuck! Until he cums in her mouth…Melissa swallowed it all to the last droplet.

Melissa gets up and holds Darius from his cock, that is still hard… “Babes, time to hold the gear lever now and let my cock to rest!” “And the car huni?” she asks… “I fixed it while I was fucking you. Your battery needed to be recharged” he answers with a naughty smile. He comes closer and deep french kisses her, licking her lips and tasting her before she jumped back to the car and disappeared in a smoke of tyres!

Darius could still hear the flat four screaming down the alley and spitting fire out of the exhaust pipes…He was thinking with a big grin that he had to do a lot of jobs to her cars to pay her off…eventually.


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