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The Importance of Foreplay For Sex


Published: 24 February 2019

Oh dear! This is much more complex than one might think… Melissa chuckles

Sex in one sentence is what makes the world go round. We can’t live without it, we exist because of it, we are not happy when we don’t get enough and we are jealous of those who get plenty; in essence, we blame it for all our miseries!
During consensual sexual intercourse and real orgasm, there is secretion of endorphins, the hormones of well-being. It takes tension away, gives you positivity and makes you feel and look good. This improves your confidence and hence your efficiency to any activity you do. Sex is the greatest medicine! I wish it could be prescribed!

Importance Of Foreplay
Foreplay is like the hors-d’oeuvre of the main dish. It prepares for more delights to come. The better and more pleasurable the foreplay, the better and more pleasurable the sex, that follows it, is.

How Long Should Foreplay Last
That varies. There is no such a thing as a set time! Some people take it longer to “ignite”, some others are “superfast”. What really matters is that the partners are interested in mutual satisfaction, care about each other and are aroused as equally as possible in order to get ready for further happy intimate interaction.

What Constitutes Good Foreplay
A good foreplay is a combination of mental and physical stimulation. You have to have sex with somebody in your mind, before you actually have sex with him/her. You need to visualize where you want to be, before actually getting there! This is a field where speed is usually not important and actually it can be negative. I have not come across anybody who would love a quick foreplay. It’s not a matter of a “quicky bang bang” ha ha ha.

Focus on the erogenous areas of your partner: don’t feel ashamed to ask how she/he likes it, in particular oral sex. But it is not all about genitals! There is so much skin surface on us, where our partner’s fingers can surf and sail(!), gently touch and caress, firmly hold and squeeze or fine scratch with the nails and explore with the tongue and lips.

Common Mistakes Men Make During Foreplay
There is a reason why it is commonly said that men think with their small head Melissa smiles or sometimes I say they just want to stick their stick in a hole(!). Sounds a bit over the top, but when I tell them, they even laugh louder than me! Melissa laughs big time

I think what both sexes do wrong here is that they concentrate too much on their own satisfaction and forget the partner they are sharing it with. Be natural, don’t worry too much that what you do is right or wrong, be you, be the person your partner fell for!

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