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Sweet sweet memories


Below are comments from one of my regulars and this made me smile…:-)

“She’s certainly back!!!

I first met Melissa on a frosty winter evening at my hotel in Ipswich as an outcall. I was not exactly sure what to expect as I did not have a clue what the lady looked like apart from the photographs that showed a very fit and toned body; suppose it is the same for the lady as she does not know what her client looks like, so it’s a game of wait and see. I had freshly showered and shaved upon her arrival and dressed; then came the knock on the door. I looked through the spy hole and saw a vision of beauty with glasses and a long coat to keep her warm from the chilled night air.

Once in the room, the coat came off, so did the glasses and WOW!!!, she jumped up flung her arms and legs around me, kissed me nibbled my neck and I thought “got a wild one tonight”. So after ten minutes of kissing and caressing like we had known each other for years but had been parted for six months, it was time to get more comfortable by removing our clothes and sorting one or two things out. Then we were back at it, kissing, licking, sucking various parts of our anatomies then full blown sex in various positions till we both climaxed, which left us both weary and hungry! As we had not eaten, it was decided we had a Chinese meal delivered, so whilst we were waiting for delivery we repeated the earlier actions!!!!!

After the meal, we relaxed until we had recharged our energy levels (this girl must be on Duracell) so we repeated again!!! I just could not get enough.
As it was quite late after few hours of fun as originally agreed, we bid each other farewell. Then later in the night I thought that was one of the best punts and escorts I have had the pleasure of meeting. This lady goes to top of the list.

Few months passed and I thought shall I get in touch with Melissa again and see what she’s up to… And yes I got a reply and yes we made arrangements and yes we repeated the same treatment of sexercise I’ll let you use your imagination as to what we got up to as she does everything that it says on the tin if not more, even when she’s not there.. “

Thank you for this lovely comments,
Kisses, Melissa


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