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Sir Lancelot of Rio's Spa entertaining Lady Melissa


Lady Melissa was sat comfortably in her plush lounge, courtesy of her Lord sugar daddy. She was completely absorbed reading the adventures of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table and in particular the love story of Queen Guinevere and Sir Launcelot du Lac. She could see so many similarities in her life and Guinevere’s. She had a sugar daddy…who knows were he had been for the last 2 days…on a business trip…like King Arthur who was always away….she was missing though her lover Knight…somebody who would be there for her when she needed him. She would like to find her “Lancelot of the Lake”!
She remembered that the previous week a gentleman had contacted her and promised to take her out to a naturist spa she had been before and was dreaming of going again! She smiled when she thought of his name. She was so hopeful to meet him at last…
…Phone rings…she picks it up: it’s him!!!!
- “Hi Honey…it’s me Lance…”
- “Hello…shall I call you Lancelot?!?”
- “Sure” he laughs. “I am not Sir Lancelot du Lac though…but you can say Lancelot of the Spa: I’m taking you to Rio’s!”
- “Wonderful! Can’t wait to play with you!”

Naughty girl….naughty boy….one may rightfully think big smile Sugar daddy won’t be back for another day…

An hour later he was picking her up in his 2-seater 4-wheeled prancing horse! And in no time they were at Rio’s ready and excited (rather than steady lol) to go…

After a quick drink at the bar, they had a nice and warm start in the hot tub at their naturist’s attire with a lot of chit chat, laughter and touching under the water. Melissa would not stop looking at Lancelot. He had stubble just like she prefers it and this gave him the perfect rough, sophisticated though, look. She literally grabbed his throbbing cock whilst he was teasing her nipples, all in the water, and under the hungry eyes of the “Knights of the Spa”. Surprisingly there were only men at that very moment! It was time to move on to a more discreet place…
In the private room, Melissa had the opportunity to ride Lancelot himself this time as she pleased: gentle or hard, slow or fast…a pure switch! And use his stick to change gear all directions…mainly the vertical one blushes here She tried driving him with her mouth with great success and used his two balls as the paddle shifts to keep the pace up or down…A new definition of driving was discovered: flick of the tongue on either side at the base of the magic stick would confirm that it’s upright on neutral, whereas a deep throat forward manoeuvre would ensure full on speed! She managed to ride him on so many positions…cow girl, reverse cow girl, missionary and then double spoon and with a flogger to keep the pace up! She was so wet of excitement…who said that driving is not orgasmic?!? Lancelot’s turn now to ease her down with his tongue, which he dipped deep in her wet ignition slot, licked the flowing juices and sucked the swollen lips…till dry…

Time flew past quickly in the arms of Sir Lancelot, the Knight of Rio’s Spa.

And then..her phone rings…she can’t ignore it…it’s Sugar Daddy…he’s coming back in a couple of hours and shall require some “servicing”. So Sir Lancelot comes to Lady Melissa’s rescue as quickly as possible…until their next rendez-vous clandestin!


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