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Happy 2020! Overnight offer extending to short w/e


This is something different from my usual stories, but hey ho. We are worth it. So as a lifetime offer I have this for you.

You gathered by now that I like to travel and meet new people, so my perfect overnight is more like a short w/e (I will adjust the rates in favour of the fee payer of course!) like Friday night to Sunday morning. So what can we do? A LOT!!!

A menu suggestion here


Shower together
Go out or stay in
Afternoon sex
Movie with snacks (or bath together)

Late brunch
Shower together and sex
Bye bye kiss

All above are not an exhaustive list, just some of the things I like to do and hope YOU DO as well! Open to suggestions of course!

Ah, also interested to know what you expect to pay for this entertainment!!! Be realistic please, so I can be. We only have 1 life time and need to make it worth it! Email me please
If only there was a way to place it as an auction with a minimum reserve…

Love and kisses and hugs from Melissa


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