And the story goes on! (The write up is courtesy of a good online friend from the past @KadinLite and it is published on my site with his permission) 

I awoke gradually the next morning. I never set the alarm on weekends as  I loved to dream and spend that little extra time in bed.…

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PART TWO: Kadin meets The Mistress

Published: September 15th, 2018

And the story goes on! (The write up is courtesy of a good online friend from the past @KadinLite and it is published on my site with his permission) 

I awoke gradually the next morning. I never set the alarm on weekends as  I loved to dream and spend that little extra time in bed. With my eyes  still half closed I remembered my dream from last night, the one where  an arrogant delivery driver had degraded me and made me suck his cock!  It had been one hell of a dream! Instinctively my hand reached for my  cock under the duvet and started to tease it and it felt good! Small  though it was, I knew how to use it! A life time of wanking had seen to  that!

As I started to wank, the truth came flooding back to me.  It hadn’t been a dream! It had happened for real! I immediately opened  my eyes and sat up in bed and looked around the room. The floor was  littered with all the dresses and lingerie that the man had made me try  on and model for him yesterday as he’d groped me.

Grinning wildly  and feeling my small but hard cock in my hands I lay back down on my  bed, eyes closed, and wanked off furiously whilst dreaming of sucking  the man’s cock again. Cumming quickly, I didn’t let any of it go to  waste and swallowed every bit of it that I could scoop up! There was no  denying it… I had become a cum-slut!

Minutes later I was out of  bed as I remembered being told to expect the man’s girlfriend. I was  going to be trained! Plenty to do before she arrived. I quickly tided up  the bedroom and had breakfast. I then sent several messages and made a  few phone calls, all to cancel the various plans that I had made with  friends for the weekend. Once all that was done I started to get ready. I  had a nice long hot bath, shaved my legs, underarms, chest, and painted  my nails. Choosing what to wear was pretty easy once I decided to not  to wear any lingerie… If last night was any indication, I expected to be  naked fairly quickly! So I got dressed in one of my favourite dresses, a  short pink number that barely covered my thighs! I applied my makeup to  make myself look as slutty as possible and the long wig completed my  look!

And having got all dressed up and ready, I waited for my  new Mistress to arrive. I knew that it was only going to be a short wait  as my Master had said noon and it was already closing in on 11:40am.  However as the seconds and then minutes ticked by, I could feel the  excited nervousness clawing away in my tummy. It was that good scary  feeling of wanting something so badly that you couldn’t help but be  excitedly nervous about it! It was the same feeling that I had when I  first went out walking late at night crossdressed hoping to get men to  eye me up, and it was also the same feeling that I had when I first paid  for sex. It was a very familiar sensation!

Noon arrived and passed. Nothing. I looked out of the window and started  to worry if I’d been tricked. What if the guy last night had only just  used me to get his cock sucked?! I needn’t have worried! Within a couple  of minutes I heard the sound of cars. A yellow Mercedes driven by a  woman pulled right into my driveway as if she owned it. I guess that I  shouldn’t have been surprised by that, after all her boyfriend had  treated my home and me as his property last night! Almost immediately a  white minivan pulled up and parked directly in front of the driveway. It  was filled with men!

I continued watching out of the window  discreetly as she got out of her car. Rather than come towards the house  she turned and walked over to the van first to chat with the men. No  idea what was being said, but I suspected it was about what they  intended to do with me! A few short moments later, she walked over to  the house and rang my door bell. I was already at the door having run  over the moment she started walking back up the driveway. I opened the  door immediately upon her ringing the bell.

She doesn’t wait to  be invited in and walks past me while ordering me over her shoulder to  leave the door open for the men. I obey.

I follow her into the  sitting room. She doesn’t say a word as she looks around the room to get  the feel of it. I watch her quietly as she takes off her jacket and  places it down on the main sofa. She turns to look at me and still not  saying a word she beckons me with her finger to follow her as she makes  her way upstairs. As I followed her up the stairs to my bedroom, I  couldn’t help but admire her physical beauty. She was gorgeous! White  with long black hair, slim and petite and easily half my age in her  early 20s, most likely a recent university graduate. Dressed in tight  jeans, tshirt, and Converse shoes, she looked pretty normal and  certainly not like how I’d imagined her to look in my head… tall, high  heels, tight PVC outfit, whip in hand, etc. I’d clearly been watching  too much porn!

She sits down on my bed and motions with her hand  for me to sit down next to her. After I sit down we finally start  talking. She introduces herself as Mistress Emma.

Mistress Emma smiles, relaxing me a little. Yet I can still feel my heart bounding away nervously.

“I’ve  been looking forward to meeting you ever since James, my boyfriend,  came home last night and told me that he had found us a potential new sex slave and how eagerly you had sucked his cock. He was quite  impressed by you!” she tells me.

“Last night just sort of  happened so fast. It was so unexpected and it was over far too quickly” I  tell her. “It was the first time I’d sucked cock, but I enjoyed every  humiliating moment of it too. I’m glad that Master James was happy with  me”. I can’t help but be secretly pleased!

Mistress Emma grins,  putting me further at ease. She gets straight down to business and tells  me what my being enslaved to her will entail.

“It’s not going to be quite the same kind of Mistress/Slave  relationships that porn is so fond of showing. Being my slave will  effectively be like a second part-time job. My ultimate goal is for both  of us to make money out of you. Once your basic slave training is  complete, I will start renting you out to clients for them to use you as  they please. The better the sex slave you are for them, the more money I  can charge them. You will also regularly perform on Chaturbate and we  will also be making porn videos of you to sell online as well. You keep  40 percent of everything we make and I keep the rest. The more you fuck,  the more money we make. With me so far?”

“Yes Mistress” I reply back. The thought of making money while being her slave definitely turned me on!

Mistress  Emma continues… “I’m not interested in having a sissy slave just for  the sake of it. I’m looking for a sissy that wants to be shaped into the  perfect cock-sucking whore…and it’s pretty clear from what Master James  told me last night that you’re already a submissive cock-hungry sissy.  Just look at you… you’re wearing a short pink dress and a wig and your  bedroom looks like it belongs to Elle Woods from Legally Blonde!” she  says laughingly.

I nod my head. I can’t help but accept that what  she says is the truth. As I look around my bedroom, I appreciate how  pink and girly it all is. And as for me, I’d been a ‘woman’ in secret  for most of my life. I regularly fantasised about being a woman being  fucked by men and the events of last night had proven without a doubt  that I enjoyed cock!

I turn back to look at Mistress Emma as she explains further… “I intend  to encourage and feed your existing submissive desires, and to push you  out of your comfort zone to try new sexual experiences and have you  completely addicted to cock. By the time your basic training is  complete, sucking and fucking any man I tell you too will come as  naturally to you as having sex with a woman… Actually when was the last  time a woman fucked you?”

”About two weeks ago” I replied and admitting that I’d paid for it at a brothel.

Mistress  Emma laughs. "Well, you’ll be pleasing women too in other ways once I’ve  finished with you. You’re not just for the guys!“.

We continue  talking for a little while longer as I open up about myself. I tell her  all about my life as a crossdresser, my experiences, my desires and  fetishes, and anything else that I can think of that she needs to know  as my Mistress. Soon she takes out a camera and starts taking photos of  me, first with me crossdressed and then fully nude photos. I’m told that  these are just photos for her own private file on me and and that there  will be a proper photo and video shoot later for the website to show  potential clients.

Before we go back downstairs, she tells me one  more thing… "Make no mistake, sexually I own you! You will obey me  completely. You will fuck and suck anyone I tell you too. You will do  every sexual thing I order you too. All without question! Is that  understood?!”

I nod my head in immediately in agreement and saying “Yes Mistress”.

And with that, with me standing in front of my Mistress naked, my enslavement began!

As  we came back downstairs and into the sitting room, the men were already  making themselves at home, some of them already naked. In total, I  counted nine big black guys with monster cocks to match! All waiting to  have their nasty way with me…

“Use Kadin however you like” Mistress Emma tells them. “I suspect that she’s pretty much game for anything though, right Kadin?”

Standing behind her, I nod my head eagerly and reply “Yes Mistress, happy to try anything!”.

And  with that she leaves telling me that she’ll be back on Monday to check  up on my training. As she closes the front door behind her, one of the  men wastes no time and pushes me down onto my knees. Shoving his big  black cock into my willing mouth, he starts fucking it and I find myself  in heaven! As he face fucks me, my eyes dart around to look at the  other guys… Each of them with a massive black cock filled with delicious  cum… and all for me! It was going to be a fantastic and yummy weekend!