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A Magic Christmas 2019


It was dark. Melissa was driving around trying to find a space to park her car. She did not want to be late for her date. They had chatted over the phone; he had one of the most sensual deep voices she had heard. She had not met him before; yes it was a blind date…she was day (actually night…) dreaming of how he might look like…
A guy was waving to her; it was him…he recognised her. She saw a slim, well built bloke in jeans and a tight white T-shirt. He was smiling to her, a well trimmed bear/stubble…just like she likes it. They walked to his flat. He opened the door. The most amazing Christmas tree all lit was there! The small place was so tastefully decorated, so warm, so cozy…an invitation to get closer and physical…And a present for her :-) and he had cooked a delicious Christmas dinner as well!

They kissed for a starter…deep and passionate kiss that took their breath away, then a glass of liquor and a romantic dinner followed to celebrate the occasion. She could not wait to get her hands on him. She could see the spark and lust in his eyes.
They leaned to each other over the table and kissed again and again, slowly, touching the edges of the lips and licking all around with their tongues. He caressed her face and gave her a final deep kiss before pulling her up towards him against the wall, the mirror in front of them. Their hands explored all over each other bodies. Clothes removed…on the floor…Melissa jumped on him and put her legs around his waist. He was already hard and she wanted to ride him there and then…for a quick one. That much she wanted him. He was the same as well. He hold her in the air, his palms under her buttocks, squeezing her peachy arse, sucking her nipples and thrusting deep in and then slowly out and again…and again…and again…He laid her on the sofa and they carried on for a bit longer. Then he opened her legs wide open and started to lick her juicy pussy and squeeze her swollen pink lips. She was moaning at every touch of the tongue and every single squeeze of his mouth around her. He took some ice cubes dipped in custard and spread on her boobs, tummy and down her funny and licked with his tongue.
It was her turn now…she went on her knees and took him in her mouth, the tip first, spitting on it and then moved her tongue all along the side of his cock and moved down to his balls…very slowly. She teased and then sucked them in her mouth. Then he hold her head firm and again dived all in her mouth slowly and steadily. He wanted to explode…but he hold himself…and then they continued with some fitness sexercise on his home sport equipment.

They continued for more. Time had stopped. They moved to the bed upstairs and carried on for longer…In the end they both finished together moaning and breathing heavily with a full load in the mouth. And Melissa swallowed almost the lot snowballing him the rest. And a sip of champagne!

They stayed in bed lying next to each other and having some small talk and a kiss here and there

To be continued

Hugs and kisses from Melissa


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