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It’s been a busy week…mwah

Published: January 7th, 2017

Your Naughty Night Rider is always up and riding (you)!

I can't complain for this: the first week of January 2017 has been excellent 😊 ho ho ho

I made some new naughty friends and we had a lot of fun together. Yes, I am talking about you, my darling, I know that you are reading!

Furthermore I had the opportunity to travel, as if Manchester-Herts is not a distance long enough (lol), now I did a deviation/pit stop in the…



Published: January 1st, 2017

And don't forget to check my overnight offer! x

So 2017 is here, glorious and a bit cold...3 degrees on the roads this morning...on the way from London to Manchester...but here I am now 😊

Oh the phone is to go... and see a naughty guy. First day of the year is looking good!

Kisses to you all

Catch you later x

So here I am back! Indeed this was a great start of the year with the 2 (out of the…


Fast cars!

Published: December 26th, 2016

Fast cars and sex go hand in hand, or so they say...

Now that Christmas is over, let's gather our thoughts and desires... We need a car to move around and obviously to get to each other! The faster the car, the quicker you can get to me or vice versa wink

So, gentlemen (OK there are lots of ladies interested in cars, but as I am mainly interested in men...) have a look here and say what you would like!


Christmas is coming!

Published: December 18th, 2016

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2017

That's it. 2016 is almost over! Who'd have thought that? And Christmas is coming and makes us think of Jesus birth and a new life with hope, love, understanding and forgiveness. Be healthy and Merry Christmas to all of you!

I am off now for holidays and will be back in January. So gather your naughty thoughts, hold on to them, be safe and get in touch with me once I am back!

Kisses from…


Your Naughty Night Rider:  Part 2

Published: December 11th, 2016

And the drives go on...for you nice to meet you 😉

So here we are...doing my day job (I can't really tell you what it is, cos otherwise I'll have to kill you(!) sexing you up lol)  and the phone rings! One of you naughty guys who would love to meet later on in the his flat...somewhere in the middle of nowhere according to the map!!! He would also like a bit of a role play... No problem: good…



Published: December 8th, 2016

Just say how much you liked it to be with me!

Yes, it's true...I get all you lovely boys to spend some sexy time together and you tell me there and then how much you liked it! And you want to do it again and again... And you can't fake

And I so much to love to hear it x

And then this boring time of aw feedback comes, where we are all supposed to write few words about the experience, you promise you will write and then…


Winter is here!

Published: December 6th, 2016

It's been a busy week...not much sleep...Work in the day and travel in the night to meet my lovely naughty guys 😉

And I realised how the roads can be slippery and all salty! So time to get the winter tyres out and maybe convince a kind soul to allow my hands and feet on to his awd machine x I will have to really motivate him...shall I?!?! wink


Your Naughty Night Rider:  Part 1

Published: December 1st, 2016

Wherever pleasures takes me, this is where my car will go!

So,here we are...driving at night to go wherever is necessary! People, and in particulare you naughty guys, won't easily believe that I can meet you wherever you are, no matter how far you are, because I just like to do this and can't get enough! lol

The other afternoon, I am waiting to finish job somewhere in North London, I have put some biddings on the famous adultwork…


1st post!

Published: November 26th, 2016

Morning! What a freezing day today in York! Met with Richard, my webdesigner, so he would show me how to do things... I mean the computer things! And keep chatting


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