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Mission Impossible: PINK

Published: September 14th, 2017

And the adventures of Stud Agent M and Escort Agent MH continue!

Following on from the previous mission to France, Escort Agent MH and Stud Agent M took on another shorter expedition this time…at the Peak District. Rendez-vous point was set at a small town on the edge of the national park. Again the Mission seemed to be somehow compromised, so MH had to do lots of deviations to avoid “traffic” and was somehow delayed…

Upon arrival…


I want to get involved in xxx industry!!!

Published: September 3rd, 2017

You have been at the pub and your mate asks you questions related to your activities...come on,you've been there. How could I possibly answer the above...

Indeed, I was with a good mate of mine at the pub and she asked me the above! Then a little lecture was done  over a pint or

So my dear friend:

There are lots of categories in adult industry. You need to choose which one you prefer. Broadly I divide them into…


Escapade to France

Published: August 28th, 2017

When a spy agent doubles as a sex companion...Just read on 😉 Be prepared to be wet and hard!

It was one of those situations: allegations about illegal transportation of goods and human trafficking were in the air for some time now. Stud Agent M had to gather evidence and report back to the Base. Firstly he liaised with the Special Adult Operations, Escort Division for assistance; Special Escort Agent MH was deployed to fully support…


Birthday treat!

Published: August 14th, 2017

Birthday has to be a special day and we must spend it with somebody we really like 😊

D had met Melissa at a social event in Manchester some weeks ago. The chemistry was immediate: they liked each other so much and that was quite obvious to the other attendees. Melissa found D attractive and would really love to spend some time with him...soon...

The opportunity was not far to come: Melissa received a txt from D: "My birthday…


Masque Ball and Cock

Published: August 5th, 2017

Sometimes you date someone online and then when it comes to meet...Oh, yeah!

Melissa had been dating Marcus for sometime now. It was an online liaison, they realised they had things in common, they kept on chatting and even exchanged their deepest desires and fantasies. But that was just!

They decided to meet: Marcus' idea to go to a "bal masqué" to keep a bit more of the suspense *wink* Melissa found this an excellent…


The Lady of the House and the handsome Handyman!

Published: July 30th, 2017

Sometimes you think this is not gonna happen...wait and see...Even your dreams can come true 😉 Just turn them to reality!

Lady Melissa was waiting in her Mansion; the handyman was late over 15min, so she thought she would have a quick(!) bath, as a busy day was ahead. She was thinking of all the happy moments they shared together with her ex...She did love him and knew that he did love her, although he was forced to get an arranged…


Knowledge!!! or not…

Published: July 20th, 2017

Seems that the bug of the writer has caught up with me lately...

I was thinking how can I get published? How can my ideas be published or even better how can my looks be published?!?!? Lots of people out there, some good, some better, some with some talent, some with some more of that!

And me? Where do I rank...clever cookie with a high revving brain, despite been covered by pink blonde hair, charming smile full of promises, small round…


A magiquiz test about sexual age!!!

Published: July 9th, 2017

Yes, I thought I would do this and the results? Please read on

I did the test. The answer is here:

"You are a super freak. You've made it past the anxiety (what anxiety...are they mad?!?) and self-consciousness of your 20s and now you have no shame about sex (so very true lol). Sex parties? Sure why not (definitely yes!). Toys? Only makes it more fun! (some times he he)

You have no more time to waste being worried about judgment…


Kestrel spa…aka AbFab by day!!!

Published: June 11th, 2017

And a daytime naughty visit to a spa, different from the rest 😊

That was one of those requests... I had never been there before...daytime I mean. But my date suggested this and I thought it is a good idea to explore as well! I love different things: variety is the salt of my sex life lol

So here we went! Nearly 11am...when people are at work conventionally, I am in a naturalists' spa, chit chatting with similar people alike…


Back with a bang…or two!

Published: May 30th, 2017

Holidays are over and I am back...for action! LOL with more swinging etc... 😉

Yes, it was a great break abroad. And whilst there, some of you sweet guys remembered me and some others wanted to get to know me 😊

And what a better way for a glorious come back than a swinging event...yes, you guessed it right: AbFAb on the cards! Landed at Manchester on Friday and off to London on Saturday for another naughty (s)experience…


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